Carnegie Science Center traveling program visits Midland Elementary

Students at Midland Elementary School were treated to a program Tuesday teaching them about Earth’s energy resources through Colossal Fossil Fuels, one of Carnegie Science Center’s Science on the Road programs.

The student body gathered Tuesday morning in the school’s multi-purpose room where Carnegie Science Center facilitator Casey Miskimmon displayed to students some of the dinosaurs and other animals that populated the world long ago.

Miskimmon spoke about ferns and flowering plants the dinosaurs ate, noting it was actually the plants that were compressed into coal.

Following the main assembly, students worked in small group stations with facilitator Marilyn Fitzsimmons.

“The small group activities allow students an opportunity for hands-on activities for learning,” Fitzsimmons said.

“These 10 activity stations deepen the students’ understanding of the program where they learn more about geology.”

Tuesday’s Colossal Fossil Fuels program was sponsored by Jim Jackson and Elkins Fordland. Carnegie Science Center’s Science on the Road program offers programs presented at schools in a five-state area. With the rising cost of fuel and food, Carnegie’s Science on the Road offers schools an affordable alternative to on-the-road field trips.

Colossal Fossil Fuels was developed nearly a year ago.

Other programs in the Science on the Road program include Rockin’ Robots, Start Your Engines, Fire and Ice, Amazing Bugs and Space Encounters.