Commission hears budget proposals

Members of the Barbour County Commission heard budget proposals from three county officials Thursday during a special session.

Budget proposals and requests were presented by the Barbour County Assessor, Barbour County Sheriff and Barbour County Clerk.

Assessor John Cutright asked commissioners to consider a pay increase for his employees. He also asked for funds to hire a chief tax deputy.

“I want to say thanks,” said Commissioner Tim McDaniel. “This is the first time in a decade or more that we have been in compliance with the property assessments.”

“We are going in the right direction,” Cutright said. “We have come a long way.”

Sheriff John Hawkins asked for a 5 percent raise for tax office employees.

“I am also asking for a raise in the cell phone and pager budget because costs have gone up,” Hawkins said. “It is going to take $3,600.”

Hawkins said he would also like to see money added into the budget for the purchase of cruisers.

“We now have eight officers,” Hawkins said. “It would be nice if our uniform allowance was $5,000. Prices have raised and we have more people.”

He also said the price of ammunition has almost tripled.

County Clerk Macel Auvil asked commissioners for more funds for advertising, travel and training and a 5 percent raise for deputies and part time employees.

“I appreciate all you have done and I am just asking for what we need to do our job,” Auvil said. “We have been making so many copies of birth certificates and marriage licenses because of DMV requirements.”

Commissioners made no decisions during Thursday’s meeting.

The next Barbour County Commission meeting is slated for March 21.