Former sheriff issued pistol

Former Sheriff Jack Roy was issued his service pistol Friday afternoon by the Randolph County Commission following eight years of dedicated service to the county.

At Friday’s commission meeting, Commissioner Mike Taylor said it is often customary to award a sheriff the pistol he used after he has completed his service. Sheriff Mark Brady, who was recently elected to replace Roy, was present at the meeting to witness the honor.

Roy had words of thanks for the commission and local residents.

“I appreciate the cooperation of Randolph County citizens and the support everyone gave me,” Roy said.

  • In other news, Phil Hudok praised the commission for their support of the Second Amendment, referencing a recent resolution approved by commissioners.
  • Pastor Stephen Pyle of the Church of God of Prophecy in Elkins also addressed the commission.

He first asked commissioners if they had approved his request for a pastoral invocation to begin each commission meeting.

Commission President Chris See said members did not have time recently to consider his request.

“We have been busy and haven’t had time to discuss it,” he said.

“I petition you and urge you to let us pray,” Pyle said to the commission.

  • Pastor Mike House of the Ambassador Baptist Church, in Elkins, said the number of sheriff’s officers has been increased but their hours and areas of coverage have remained the same. He expressed a desire for officers to be on patrol past midnight and cover a wider range of the county.

Concerning the fire departments, House said he wants the commission to consider covering worker’s compensation for firefighters.

He also expressed a desire to see the rehiring of Darlene Phares, who he said recently left the county tax office. House said this was a political decision on the part of Brady and the County Commission and that they forced her to leave her position.

Brady responded to House later in the meeting.

“This is a complete falsehood,” Brady said, insisting that it was not a politically-motivated decision and the commission was not involved in the matter. Commissioner Joyce Johns later confirmed that the matter did not involve the commission.