Local recovery group seeks support and volunteers

A new group is forming – one designed to address a range of community needs following major storms and other types of disasters.

Members of local churches, community volunteers, Family Resource Networks and faith-based organizations gathered this week at Tyrand Cooperative Ministries to complete the organization work and create a long-term recovery group for 10 West Virginia counties.

Long-term recovery following a disaster is the process of a community coming together to find and use resources from survivors, government programs and other partners to address the needs of individuals and families, even the most vulnerable, so they may sustain their physical, social, economic and spiritual well-being. The Monday meeting was for Region 4, including Gilmer, Lewis, Tucker, Randolph, Pendleton, Pocahontas, Barbour, Upshur, Braxton and Webster counties.

John Daniels, Federal Emergency Management Agency volunteer agency liaison, said the work of the team is important, and more volunteers are needed and encouraged to join the group.

“The key is to bring people and resources together,” Daniels said. “We need to reach out to other nonprofits and faith-based organizations for their support. We are moving forward and making progress, but we are just getting started.”

Everyone interested is invited to come to the meetings and be part of the group. Those who are urged to attend include local church leaders; members of the Salvation Army; community action group members; media representatives; community volunteers; state and county emergency management agencies; ministerial associations; United Way members; job and family service members; state, local and city government officials; and members of community outreach organizations.

Currently, the group is working on its bylaws, logo and other criteria. They members have established a Facebook page and the group’s email address is www.region4ltdrg@gmail.com.