Norton PSD requires new water pump

Water customers in the Norton Harding Jimtown Public Service District will remain under an emergency water conservation order until further notice, as the PSD’s main production pump needs to be replaced.

Curtis Elmore, chief operator at the PSD, said Wednesday about 750 regular water customers and three large commercial customers are affected by the water conservation order, including Tygart Valley Regional Jail, the town of Junior and the new Army Readiness Center.

The conservation order, issued Tuesday, means water usage is limited to “life-sustaining purposes only.” Customers are asked to avoid using water for laundry, washing cars, etc.

“If everyone pitches in, we can get through this,” Elmore said. “We’ve got a lot of folks to take care of, and we appreciate their efforts of conservation at this time. … Conservation is the most important key.”

He said the pump issues became apparent Monday morning, when workers noticed it wasn’t supplying the typical amount of water. When examined further, the pump showed significant corrosion, and some of its hardware was broken. Elmore said these problems led to the pump’s failure and a need for it to be completely replaced.

He said he is working with contractors from D&G Machine Co. in Mannington on the repair project, and parts for the new pump should be received today from a vendor in Mississippi.

Workers then should be able to assemble the pump parts Saturday, and hopefully install the new pump Sunday.

The PSD will issue a notice to customers when the pump work is complete and the water order is lifted.

“We really want to thank the customers for their efforts,” Elmore added.

Anyone with further questions can reach the PSD by calling 304-636-6223.