Propane fire could become ‘blow torch,’ officials fear

A section of Talbott Road in Barbour County remains closed as a propane tanker remains burning for the eighth day. The road is closed to all traffic from Deerbrook Estates to the Talbott Community Building.

The blaze that destroyed Sisolack’s Truck Repair started just before 8 a.m. on March 8. Belington Fire Department and EMS crews have been on scene around the clock since that time, spraying water to keep the tanker containing liquid propane cool.

Fire department officials said Friday evening they fear for the integrity of the valves of the tanker after burning for this long.

“If the valves fail, there could be an uncontrolled discharge of propane,” Hart said. While he could not determine how far flames could extend, he did say the evacuation of the house across from the tanker and closing the road to traffic were measures to keep everyone safe.

“If the plumbing were to fail, it would be like a blow torch,” Hart said. “It could cause severe injury or death to anyone in its path.”