Randolph 4-Hers take part in events

Randolph County 4-Hers gathered at Camp Pioneer Saturday to get help finishing their projects, learn tips for giving visual presentations and public speeches and to bond during a dance.

Randolph County Extension Agent Amanda Haller said the event was focused on helping kids complete their projects.

“Each project includes a project book, a display and an activity of their 4-H experiences through the year,” Haller said. “We offer this workshop to help students learn what it takes to successfully complete their projects.”

4-H volunteer Sheila Johnson also spoke with participants about giving a visual presentation and public speech. Johnson gave ideas and tips about making posters, speaking, eye contact and body posture.

Workshops offered during the day include food preparation for younger and older 4-Hers, This Is 4-H for first year 4-Hers, Cloverbuds for students not old enough for 4-H, livestock project records, photography and teen leadership projects.

Volunteer Lori Daniels said she enjoys helping 4-Hers learn and complete their projects.

“Today we are making cookies and learning to make healthy snacks for the dance,” Daniels said. “First thing they need to do is wash their hands to prevent the spread of germs, which is a big part of learning to cook.”

Following the workshops, 4-Hers enjoyed the snacks and a dance.