Traffic stop leads to DUI, obstructing an officer charges

A Buckhannon man is facing misdemeanor charges following a traffic stop Sunday in which deputies observed the man driving with two flat tires.

Charles Lowell Baisden, 57, is charged with driving under the influence and with obstructing an officer, according to the complaint filed in Upshur County Magistrate Court. He has posted a $10,000 bond.

According to the complaint, Upshur County sheriff’s deputies observed a silver Ford sedan swerving as it turned from Florida Street to Camden Avenue in Buckhannon. The deputies followed the vehicle and again observed it swerving as it turned onto Marion Street. At that point, deputies observed that the vehicle had a flat rear tire. After initiating a traffic stop, deputies also observed a flat front tire.

Baisden, according to the complaint, told the deputies he was aware of the flattened tires, and that he had struck a curb “somewhere.”

The complaint stated that a strong odor of alcohol was present when deputies approached the driver. Baisden failed the first field sobriety test, according to the complaint, and deputies did not do any further testing because they believed Baisden to be too unsteady to perform those tests safely.

After being taken back to the sheriff’s department’s holding facility, Baisden allegedly opened a vial of pills, and he “quickly dumped them into his mouth,” the complaint stated. Deputies prevented him from swallowing the pills and had him spit them out. The complaint stated Baisden was belligerent and cursing at the deputies. Baisden then asked to be taken to the hospital, which was refused, and that prompted him to jump from his chair and run head-on into the metal door of the holding cell, according to the complaint.

The complaint stated Baisden initially acted as if he were unconscious, but later told the deputies, “now you have to take me to the hospital.” When that was refused, the complaint stated deputies had to “physically wrestle” him to get the handcuffs back on. The complaint stated Baisden then stood up from his chair and came at the officers. He was then transported to the Tygart Valley Regional Jail.