Trucker honored by State Police

During the early morning of Jan. 10, a D&W Truck Lines driver put himself in danger to avoid a collision with a State Police lieutenant, and he recently received an award for his heroic actions.

Lt. D.E. Johnson said the efforts of D&W driver Rodney M. Ross saved several people from injury, and it was worthy of recognition.

That morning, Johnson said, he was responding to a car crash on Route 92. The car had a single occupant and was in a car on the downhill side of a blind turn. Johnson said he approached the vehicle to get the driver safely into his cruiser and move her away from the turn.

Immediately after she entered the cruiser, the lieutenant noticed in his rear-view mirror that a semi-truck was approaching from behind, and the truck was sliding.

Ross, who was driving the truck, was able to move into the opposing lane to avoid hitting the cruiser. Both the cruiser and the truck ended up going down the hill, side by side, until the cruiser overtook the truck and allowed Ross to pull back into his own lane.

Johnson said Ross saved the occupants of the cruiser from injury and put himself in danger by going into the opposing lane. Johnson said the other lane was directly next to a steep embankment, and Ross could have been injured in an accident if he had not been able to control his vehicle.

On Tuesday, Johnson presented an award to Ross on behalf of the West Virginia State Police.

The text of the award reads as follows: “West Virginia State Police Award of Recognition presented to Rodney M. Ross of D&W Truck Lines, Inc. in recognition of your actions on Jan. 10, 2013 on W.Va. Rt. 92 which prevented a potentially devastating traffic accident.”

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