United Way meets campaign goal

United Way of Randolph County is proud to announce that it met its 2013 fundraising campaign goal of $165,000. Campaign Chair Gary Clay said the goal was met when the United Way accepted a contribution from Davis & Elkins College President G.T. “Buck”Smith that put the organization over its goal.

“This year’s success is due to the commitment and selflessness of those who gave through workplace campaigns, individual donations and our fundraising events.” said Clay. “Our community has a notable history of support for its United Way and we are thankful this year was no exception.”

“We commend the thousands of people who collectively rallied around the United Way effort to help us meet our goal,” said Kathy Leombruno, president of United Way. “And while it feels great to celebrate this milestone, it feels even better knowing that reaching our goal means we can fund the tremendously good work our agencies do in our community for another year.”

United Way monitors the contributions and agencies they serve. One financial gift supports 27 different local programs and services that may be lending a much needed hand to a friend, family member or neighbor. United Way donation helps supply emergency groceries to families in need; furnishes much needed items to someone whose home has flooded or burned; and provides one hot meal a day to the elderly or disabled living at home, who are unable to cook for themselves, just to name a few.

The sluggish economy slowed the United Way down somewhat in reaching its goal this year. When people are nervous about their jobs or when there are layoffs, it greatly effects the United Way’s payroll deductions from local businesses – and this is a major source of the agency’s campaign funds. Two years ago, the United Way began hosting a 12-hour live telethon which helps tremendously in making up for deficits in its goal.

There is a satisfaction and feeling of belonging that comes when indivduals contribute to their communities and it can be done even in a tough economy: people can make an impact with as little as 10 cents a week when it is added in with other contributions. If 5,000 people donate just $5, that’s a contribution of more than $25,000. If each one gets a friend to donate $5, that doubles to more than $50,000 – and again, that’s with less than 10 cents a week, according to information from the United Way.

Not only does United Way offer the option to give, they also advocate or volunteer to make a difference. One of the easier ways to live united, organization members say, is to be an advocate for United Way’s work in the community. If you’re interested in being a volunteer, stop by the United Way office or send an email to

Fundraisers held throughout 2012 included the Kick-off Auction & 5K Run/Walk, John Angotti Christmas Concert, Cash Calendar and LIVE UNITED Telethon.