70 people work to help others

More than 70 men, women and children rolled up their sleeves and gathered on Saturday to help others in need.

The Davis Memorial Presbyterian Church in Elkins hosted its Great Day of Service where individuals and families helped with more than eight different community and individual service projects.

Elkins resident Holt Chenoweth, his son Garrett Chenoweth, daughter Tracy Fath, family members, friends and grandchildren helped complete needed yard work at a home on the outskirts of Elkins.

“We are raking leaves, clearing flower bed and cutting trees hit by Superstorm Sandy,” Holt Chenoweth said. “We are together enjoying our day and doing God’s work. This is a good time and we are all enjoying the weather.”

Chenoweth’s wife, Sue, was back at the church, preparing lunch for the workers.

Another group of workers spent their day helping at the Kump House, while another group spent their day helping at the Randolph County Animal Shelter.

“We are helping set up a cat playhouse that was donated to the shelter,” said volunteer Tina Vial. “Other projects we are working on today are cleaning up from storm Sandy, raking leaves, planting flowers and helping fence in a dog play area. Lots of our younger volunteers are spending time working with the shelter cats, helping to socialize them and help them get ready for adoption.”

More volunteers could be spotted at the other end of Elkins helping another resident get their yard ready for summer.

“We are working to rake leaves, plant flowers and clear out the flower beds,” said Judy Guye Swanson. “Some of the volunteers spent the morning clearing out the drain in the front yard.”

Following the Great Day of Service, volunteers gathered at the church for dinner and guest speaker Rev. Saleen Ghubril.