B-U Chamber hears advertising strategies

The director of Strategic Initiatives for a local food service company asked the members of Buckhannon-Upshur Chamber of Commerce Monday about who delivers the message for their respective business.

Keith Buchanan, a former national marketing and sales director, said the company’s employees carry the daily message of the business.

“Do all of them deliver that message consistently every day?” he said. “That experience is what (customers) are going to talk about and whether it brings in your next customer.”

Buchanan said national brands are constantly researching as to how they can revitalize and change their product in an effort to stay on top of consumer tastes. He said “making sure you stay relevant and important to your consumers” is the best way to expand a business.

“A lot of people aren’t sure when they spend marketing dollars if they are getting bang for their buck,” he said. “It comes down to the same fundamentals. What’s your idea? How are you different from others in your business?”

He said businesses do not have to forget their past in order to move forward in the future.

“Never give up your history,” Buchanan said. “Keep what you have.”

Buchanan urged the business owners to take an interest in their customers, saying that personal touch will pay bigger dividends.

“Advertising is just a good message consistently being delivered over time,” he said. “People will eventually get it.”

Buchanan urged the Chamber of Commerce members to use these same strategies in recruiting new members to the organization. He said doing so will make other people want to be a part of a growing and exciting movement.

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