Companies to occupy building at airport

The recently completed business building at Philippi/Barbour County Regional Airport has officially been occupied by Rotor Blade LLC of South Carolina and its sister company, Airport Authority President Dean Springer announced at a recent Philippi City Council meeting.

The building has been leased for use by the companies for 18 to 24 months. Rotor Blade trims tree limbs on gas, rail and power line rights of way via helicopter, according to the company website. Rotor Blade and its sister company will bring seven helicopters to Philippi.

Springer said it is now law in West Virginia to cut limbs along those rights of way every seven years.

He said part of the county’s power outage problems during the derecho storm last June were caused by improperly cut tree limbs.

The business building can house up to two agencies. The second business that will occupy another part of the building is a vegetation control company. Springer said he didn’t the company’s formal name.

The two companies work in conjunction with each other. The second company will spray the cut tree limbs with a substance that helps prevent regrowth, allowing the trimmings to last the seven years in between required work.

“The spraying that they do does not kill anything else other than the wood product,” Springer said, adding the company does the spraying right after Rotor Blade trims the limbs.

Working back-to-back in that way is more effective because the newly cut tree limbs are still wet, allowing the spray substance to better stunt the regrowth of the tree limbs, Springer said.