Hospital volunteers honored at luncheon

Volunteers at Davis Memorial Hospital give all year, so they were honored for their service with a volunteer luncheon where honorees received pins, plaques and certificates for their valuable work.

DMH volunteer Betty Rohr, of Elkins, was awarded a diamond service pin, plaque and certificate by Davis Health System Board Member Tom Felton and Davis Health System CEO Mark Doak. Rohr, who has volunteered since 1996, has donated 22,063 hours of service to the hospital.

DMH Volunteer Coordinator Valerie Bright thanked all the volunteers at the luncheon Friday for their many hours of dedicated service.

“You are the ones,” Bright said. “We appreciate what you give – your time and your dedication.”

Jon Steen, Davis Health System director of human resources, extended thanks for all the volunteers do.

“I spent 15 years as an attorney on the outside of hospitals and have been working within hospitals for 16 years in human resources, and have worked in many states,” Steen said. “When I go to hospitals, I show up 45 minutes before my meetings. I spend the time in the hospital gift shops and talking to the hospital volunteers. This is the single best barometer of the organization.”

Steen said when he first came to DMH last year he followed his standard rule.

“When I went into the Davis Memorial Hospital Gift Garden, I was wowed,” Steen said. “I have been in hundreds of hospital gift shops, but the one here is phenomenal. I was also impressed while talking to the volunteers. They are wonderful and make a good impression on those coming into Davis Memorial Hospital. Thank you – you are the heart of Davis Memorial Hospital.”

Doak agreed with Steen.

“You can see the heart and health of an organization through its volunteers,” Doak said. “The mission of Davis Memorial Hospital is to provide quality, patient-friendly health care. The extra touch volunteers add sets the tone of the hospital and that is deeply appreciated. Volunteers are the first people patients see, and usually the last as they are discharged. I just want to thank you for all you do.”

Other volunteer appreciation activities through the week included bingo on Monday, an ice cream social on Tuesday, a scavenger hunt on Wednesday and a spin for a prize on Thursday.

Volunteers donated 9,887 hours of service during 2012. Those honored included Lillian Agnew, Bonnie Allen, Karen Arbogast, Vicki Aucremanne, Donna Auvil, Gerri Bennett, John Campbell, Richard Chambers, Sharon Chenoweth, Stephen Cross, Cheryll Deaner, Jane Dillon, Greg Fenters, LaDonna Frost, Carolyn Gola, Janice Gongola, Vallie Goots, Shelia Gregorie, Jan Hagarty, Doris Harner, Donna Hommema, Carol Hudnall, Betty Jones, Diana Kerr, Beverly Kessler, Mary Kisner, June Larkin, Sue Manning, Michael McLeod, Thersa Motta, Kathy Moreno, Alice Neitzert, Carl Neitzert, Pat Nestor, Jean Newman, Bobbi O’Quinn, Betty Patton, Wanda Price, Betty Rohr, Betty Ross, Mary Lou Roy, Debbie Simmons, Zona Simmons, Linda Sprouse, Eva Stalnaker, Cindy Stemple, Wahneta Streets, Judy Vandenbergh, Diana VanNoy, John Wetzel, Sarah White, Nancy Williams and Margaret Winans.

New volunteers included Joy Hostetler, Mikki Summerfield, Joann Poling, Millie Bennett, Joan Williams, Sarah Fyock, Barbara Dilley and Judith McCauley. Volunteer chaplains are Barry Moll, Stephen Pyle, Ann Fretwell, David Fisher, Jim Murphy, Sue Farrar, Timothy Glaser, Joanne Glaser, Douglas Lewis, Delane McDaniel, Harold Langevin, Eli Hostetler, Anthony Dcruze and Lisa Boehm.