New gaming shop caters to all ages

It’s no joke that co-owners Michael Currence and April Huskey officially opened their new shop on April Fools’ Day in Buckhannon.

Analog Entertainment is located on East Main Street across from Dairy Queen, and it offers comic books, graphic novels, board games, trading card games, tabletop strategy games, limited print T-shirts and more to come.

If customers don’t see what they are looking for when they peruse the wares of Analog Entertainment, Currence said he can make special orders. This is actually his second business, as he also owns All Burgers in Buckhannon.

The new store offers comic book subscriptions for a fan’s favorite series, which can be delivered specially to the store for the customer. The shop also features coin-operated arcade games and a jukebox.

Beyond the store’s purchasable commodities, there is a tournament room where guests can face off against one another in games such as Magic the Gathering, Catan, Hero Clix, War Hammer, Dominion and Dungeons and Dragons. Opportunities are available to those who want to learn how to play any of the games.

Currence said the tournament room also will be a place to host family game nights for board games like Battleship, Connect 4 and Apples to Apples. He said he opened the store as a way to bring people together.

“I see kids are getting into bad things because there is not a lot to do. I wanted to give them something to do,” Currence said, adding the tournaments give people a place to meet face-to-face rather than only online.

To help bring more people together, the tournament room can be rented out for birthday parties.

“We try to cater to everybody,” Currence said. “I’m just a big kid myself.”

Currence said although the doors have opened to customers, the shop will continue to expand and bring in new content. He said he is looking into the idea of selling Manga, a type of book similar to a graphic novel. He also wants to bring in more arcade games and is prepping an entire room in the shop to become an arcade. Costumed superheroes may even be available for appearances at birthday parties in the future of the business.

“We’ve been well-received,” Currence said. “Thankfully, we’ve been doing really good so far.”

Currence said he was in the planning stages to open this business long before his shop opened. In October, when Currence said he was still preparing for his shop, a similar store, Nerducopia, opened along the same street in Buckhannon.

Currence said the other shop has a different atmosphere, and he thinks both can succeed.

“I think there’s enough room for both stores,” he said, adding that while some products are available in both stores, each location has its own unique specialization. Analog Entertainment offers the arcade, the availability to rent the back room, some of the tournaments and the selection of T-shirts. Nerducopia offers action figures and a consignment program for artwork, action figures, collectible cards and other similar products.

Both shops draw a crowd and bring people together. Currence said he was happy when Nerducopia came in because it suggested that someone else saw the same need for face-to-face interaction.

“We want people to start playing board games with their neighbors again,” Currence said.