Red Cross official shares updates with Elkins Rotary

The American Red Cross offers many services to the community, and Robin L. Moore, executive director of the North Central West Virginia Chapter, spoke to Elkins Rotary members Monday about those services.

“The American Red Cross collects blood and is the main military services connection from residents to service personnel,” Moore said. “We also teach first aid and CPR.”

Moore said the Red Cross was not ready for a disaster that hit the entire state, such as during the summer derecho that crippled West Virginia. She said the group was more prepared for Superstorm Sandy in October.

“The good news about a hurricane is you have some time to plan, so we had days we were watching that hurricane come up the coast,” she said. “We had more time to get the resources ready that we needed.”

The North Central West Virginia Chapter of the American Red Cross serves Randolph, Barbour, Doddridge, Harrison, Lewis, Marion and Upshur counties.

“During Superstorm Sandy, we used 22 local volunteers and 40 out-of-state volunteers,” Moore said. “There were four Red Cross shelters, including one at Camp Pioneer in Beverly and one at Tyrand Ministries in Mill Creek. We had many outside partners that helped and had 11 emergency response vehicles.”

Moore said the local Red Cross served 17,471 meals, facilitated 2,000 overnight stays, moved 15,000 bulk items into the area and provided 197 mental health contacts during Superstorm Sandy.

“Unfortunately, there were two fatalities during the storm,” Moore said. “During this time we learned some lessons.”

Moore said she encourages community members to volunteer with the Red Cross.

“It is not a matter of if an emergency happens, but when it will happen,” she said.

Additional information about the American Red Cross is available by calling 304-624-7689 or visiting