Cameras to keep an eye on bad recycling, littering

Cameras soon will be installed as an aid to fight the ongoing littering and recycling problems at Crossroads Recycling Center in Buckhannon.

Waste Department Supervisor Jerry Arnold said the cameras should be installed within a month. He said the equipment, which includes two cameras, is ready to install, but the recycling center needs to have access to electricity before the installation can begin. If needed, as many as 14 cameras eventually could be installed.

The cameras stream live video over the Internet to be monitored. The two cameras that will be installed record both high-definition and night vision images.

“I’ll have a network recorder that will record all the activity there, so if we have a problem, we can go back through the video and isolate where it came from,” Arnold said.

Littering issues and problems at the center have increased during the past four years, Arnold said.

Recently, Arnold said he found a mattresses and box spring set tossed on top of the recycling bins at Crossroads Recycling Center. He said some people drop off items that they no longer want, not just items to be recycled. Others leave recyclable or trash items outside of the bins, only to have them carried away by the wind and create a larger mess.

At a recent meeting, Buckhannon City Council passed an ordinance to regulate recycling at Crossroads Recycling Center. The ordinance states problems that have arisen at the Crossroads Recycling Center and the city’s Transfer Station, with residents dropping off garbage and household waste, improperly mixing recyclables and failing to insert recyclable materials into the bins. The ordinance will take effect in June. Any person who is found guilty of violating the ordinance can be fined.

If citizens have a recycling question, they may call 304-472-4443 or 304-472-8959.