Historic building getting needed repairs

A historic building in Beverly is getting some much needed repairs. The Carriage House and servant quarters behind the Goff House received extensive damage during the June 29 derecho, when a weeping willow tree fell on the structure.

“There was lots of damage to the building,” said Brian Shourds, whose company is making the repairs. “Most of the second floor is missing and 70 percent of the roof is gone. Our main goal is to get the building stabilized and weather proofed before the re-enactment this weekend.”

Darryl DeGripp, executive of the Beverly Heritage Center, said the repairs to the Carriage House are being funded by the insurance.

“The estimated cost to repair the buildings is $35,00 to $40,000,” said DeGripp. “They are using green lumber that has not been dried nor treated. Time will help make the wood match with all the new construction. We will explain to visitors that the building was damaged and repaired.”

DeGripp said once the repairs are completed, the Carriage House will become a blacksmith area.

“We have an AmeriCorps member that will be giving workshops in blacksmithing in the Carriage House,” DeGripp said. “This will assure it is used during the spring and summer months.”

DeGripp said the Carriage House was built in the 1830s and the servants’ quarters building was relocated from its original location a little earlier than the 1830s. The weeping willow tree that broke off and slammed through the buildings was planted in the late 1960s.