Randolph superintendent addresses clothing rumors

Parents of Randolph County students should expect a phone call from the county school system’s “parent link” phone program, sharing a message clarifying rumors swirling in the community.

“Rumors are being passed around on Facebook and other Internet sites stating students at Elkins High School and Jennings Randolph Elementary are being sent home or asked to change clothes because the shirts are of a religious nature, or shirts with American flags or religious jewelry,” Terry George, Randolph County superintendent of schools, said Tuesday. “This is just not true.”

George said the gossip has sprung up in the last 24 hours, and he and county board of education members fielded many phone calls Tuesday from concerned parents.

“I am not sure how this Internet hoax got started, but it is untrue,” George said. “The only students asked to change any clothes recently have been those that go against our dress code.” George said some students have been asked to change from “shorts that were too short.”

George said the phone calls placed to families through the “parent link” system will explain that the rumors about shirts and jewelry are incorrect.