Spring snow reported in region

Folks in Elkins and the higher elevations of Randolph and Pocahontas counties had a surprise Monday, when snow flurries filled the sky.

The snow wasn’t sticking on the ground, but it still was unexpected – especially since the calendar shows it’s halfway through May.

“It’s just flying around,” said Billie Sipes, of Glady, who said the temperature at her house got down to 32 degrees Sunday night.

Although it wasn’t snowing all day, she said there were flurries off and on throughout the late morning and middle of the day.

“It was coming down pretty heavy. … The ground is quite wet,” Sipes said.

Sue Hollandsworth of Slatyfork reported flurries in her area Monday morning as well, along with residents in Glenmore, Pickens, Marlinton and other places with high elevations.

Andrew Beavers, a meteorologist from the National Weather Service in Charleston, said Nicholas County also experienced snow flurries Monday.

“That’s tough to swallow in May,” Beavers said, noting it could be worse. The latest measurable snow in West Virginia came on June 1, 1910, when Pickens was covered with 2 inches.

Luckily, Beavers said temperatures are expected to jump by the middle of this week. His forecast called for a low in the upper 20s Monday night and frost this morning, before having a high around 60 today. He said temperatures should be around 80 by Wednesday.

“It’s really bouncing back up,” he said.