Student plans to nurse critical care patients

Sarah Danyelle Rogers of Pennsboro, a nursing student who expects to graduate from Alderson-Broaddus College at the end of this semester, already has the journey to her ultimate career goal planned out.

Rogers enrolled at A-B in the fall of 2008 after graduating from Doddridge County High School, and she began her nursing studies in the fall of 2009. She will be earning her bachelor of science degree in nursing.

“I knew I wanted to become a nurse when I was, probably, in high school,” Rogers said, adding that she has a little brother with health issues. “The nurses were always the ones that were in the rooms.”

Rogers said that the nurses who cared for her brother seemed to be at the forefront of communication with the family.

“They gave the guidance and counseling that we needed through any of the hardships that we went through,” Rogers said, adding that the nurses approached care from medical, social and psychological perspectives.

Rogers said nurses also teach patients about their conditions and make sure they get the resources that are needed.

“Nursing itself is important. I believe (the most important aspect) will be the holistic care that is derived from nurses,” Rogers said. “To be taught how to communicate and to care for the person as a whole is something that takes knowledge and experience.”

Rogers already has been building experience as a nurse’s technician at United Hospital Center in Bridgeport. She has obtained a job there as a registered nurse upon her graduation, working in orthopedics and neurology.

She said that her experience at UHC will provide her with a good orientation in an already familiar work environment, allowing for an easier transition into the profession, Rogers said.

“I know the people that work there,” Rogers said. “I’m comfortable with the floor itself. I’m familiar with it.”

While she already has obtained a position, Rogers said it was only the start of her career. Her ultimate goal is to become a flight nurse, caring for patients with critical needs. She said critical care nurses should have at least two years of prior nursing experience.

Rogers also plans to further her medical education in a graduate degree program. She recently began looking into numerous schools at a nursing convention in Charlotte, N.C.

Alderson-Broaddus College recently announced it will change its name to Alderson Broaddus University in the fall. With that change, officials said they would be looking into what graduate programs to offer at the college.

“If A-B offers a graduate program (in nursing), I wouldn’t choose anyplace else,” Rogers said. “It’s become home to me.”