Super responds to lunch controversy

Barbour County schools will adjust students’ lunch bills to make up for the skimpy meal served them on May 2, but the mystery of why the county’s schools gave students just a cheese sandwich for lunch is still unresolved.

“It is an unfortunate situation, but we cannot go back in time,” Barbour County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph Super told The Inter-Mountain Tuesday. “There will be no more sandwiches of this variety served to our students. That has been made clear to everybody.”

Barbour County students eating “hot” lunch on May 2 were served slices of cheese on a white hamburger bun as their lunch meal. Many students took photos of the cheese sandwiches alone on their lunch trays, sending the pictures to their parents and posting them on social media sites.

Super said the students eating school lunch on May 2 will not be charged for the meal on their bills.

Asked why the May 2 lunch consisted of just a cheese sandwich, Super replied that he couldn’t go back and change the situation. He did not give specifics, only repeating that it would never happen again.

Many Barbour County parents were upset about the May 2 lunch and took to Facebook to complain.

Volga resident Kay Cleavenger has three students in the Barbour County school system – a 5-year old at Volga Century Elementary and a 12-year-old and 14-year-old in Philippi Middle School.

“Dr. Super told another parent he has taken care of the problem, and he has always done what he promised,” Cleavenger said Tuesday. “It has only happened this once to my knowledge, and I am sure the problem has been fixed. I understand there are budget constraints, but I hope I will be notified if this will happen again so I can send extra food with my children that day.”

Cleavenger said she was in a store in Bridgeport when a woman asked her about the May 2 lunch.

“She asked me what was going on with the lunch program in Barbour County,” Cleavenger said. “She asked if our cooks forgot to put meat on the cheese sandwiches or if Barbour County did not have enough money to feed lunch to our children.”

On May 3, the Barbour Schools lunch menu online showed that the May 2 lunch would be either hot dogs or pork chops, dependent on the decision of the schools’ head cooks. On Tuesday, however, the online lunch menu had been changed, now stating that a “cheese sandwich” was the main entree for the May 2 lunch.