Belington looks to hire officers

Belington Police Sgt. D.J. Harris updated members of Belington City Council about the hiring of new city police officers Wednesday during their regular meeting.

Harris said council had received no new applications.

“We went through the applications we have and there are applications from two certified officers,” Harris said. “We do have a couple of other applications but we need to know whether Council wants to hire a certified or non-certified officer.”

Council members voted to advertise for police officers for one week and start interviewing some of the applicants on file.

Also during Wednesday’s meeting, Water Commissioner Don Harris updated council on the ongoing water project.

“The crew, Tri-State, is down to one crew here in town,” Don Harris said. “They are winding down and still have a lot of clean up. The majority of their work this week is over in the Industrial Park area where they are installing manholes where we didn’t have legal manholes before. There were just pipes in the ground where you looked into the sewer.

“The big rain we had last week, even with all this work we done, all the lines did get full,” Don Harris said. “We are still picking up a lot of ground water. There is some project money left and we discussed with the engineer and inspector on the project, and they can do a smoke test.

“They blow smoke into the lines and it’s very effective and very involved. You have to forewarn people in case people have health issues. We thought we may do this at the end of the project to help get rid of this excess water.”

Don Harris said that city crews spent time last week cleaning up downed trees from the storm damage.

The next meeting of City Council is slated for 7:30 p.m. July 3 at City Hall.