Children’s author to read at library

West Virginia children’s author Anna Egan Smucker will read from her latest book, “Golden Delicious: A Cinderella Apple Story” and give a presentation at the Philippi Public Library on Wednesday.

Smucker lives in Bridgeport and has authored many popular children’s titles such as “No Star Nights,” “To Keep the South Manitou Light,” “Outside the Window” and “A History of West Virginia.” She also is a former educator at Alderson-Broaddus College.

Everyone is welcome and invited to attend her presentation, Philippi Public Library Director Judy Buckner Larry said.

“We are so pleased to welcome back Anna Egan Smucker” to the Philippi Public Library and to our ‘Dig Into Reading’ Summer Reading Camp on Wednesday,” Larry said. “She is a wonderful West Virginia author.”

Smucker said that a good children’s book isn’t necessarily just for children.

“I love children’s literature. I think there are really no good children’s books that truly are only for children,” Smucker said. “Reading is the key. I love to do any programs that inspire kids to want to read.”

Smucker’s presentation will also show viewers her writing, editing and rewriting process that lead up to the publication of “Golden Delicious: A Cinderella Apple Story.” She said she will show slides of the 27 rough drafts she wrote before the final draft. The presentation also will include preliminary drawings from Kathleen Kemly, the illustrator.

“They can see how the whole book developed. The illustrator didn’t get things right the first time either,” Smucker said. “It’s just a matter of hard work.

“I’m very excited about coming to do the presentation for them. My newest book is about the discovery of our state fruit, the golden delicious apple, in Clay County,” Smucker said, adding that the fruit was discovered more than 100 years ago. “So this is a good time, as we’re celebrating our state’s 150th birthday.”

Her books will be available for sale at the library throughout the presentation, Larry said. For more information about Smucker and her books, visit