City police kick off use of parking boot

The Elkins Police Department is kicking the problem of delinquent parking tickets to the curb.

Chief Rob White said the department recently purchased a locking device – called a parking boot – that fits onto the front wheel of vehicles. The parking boot is designed to prevent people who have amassed multiple parking tickets from moving their vehicles until they pay a visit to the police department in Elkins City Hall- and pay up.

The boot fits over the wheel, locking it in place.

“It actually immobilizes your vehicle, rendering it inoperable,” White recently said of the boot, which cost the police department approximately $400 to $500. “This device will be used for violators who have large, outstanding unpaid parking tickets.”

“Unpaid parking tickets are the only reason the device will ever be utilized,” the chief added.

Unpaid parking tickets are a significant issue in the city, White noted.

“We feel as though this will help better combat the problem,” he remarked.

The owners of cars and trucks to which the boot has been applied will notice that the device will be accompanied by a warning notice plastered to the vehicle’s window, explaining what the device is and why it’s been used.

“They will not drive away with it,” White said. “They’re stuck until they come take care of their fines.”