Elkins landfill surcharge tabled

Elkins City Council voted to table any discussion on a proposed landfill surcharge during Monday’s meeting.

“We are redoing the numbers, and we believe that the numbers can be lowered,” Sanitation/Landfill Committee Chairman Carman Metheny said at the outset of the meeting. “It will be on the agenda for the next council meeting.”

The Sanitation/Landfill Committee voted June 10 to recommend that City Council approve a plan that would charge both residential and commercial customers each month to help pay off the Elkins-Randolph County Landfill’s debts and operating costs.

The plan would cost each residential customer $5.69 per month, and each commercial customer $28.49 per month, to raise funds to cover the landfill’s $333,700 in annual operating costs. The landfill has been closed since September 2011.

In addition, each residential customer would be charged $4.64 per month, and each commercial customer $22.39 per month, to help pay off the landfill’s $262,274 in outstanding debt. At that rate, the debt should be paid off within two years, at which time the customer charges will be reconsidered, officials said.

These new charges, totaling $10.34 per residential customer and $50.88 per commercial customer, would be billed monthly as “landfill obligation” charges, officials said.

Added to the current sanitation rates, residential customers would pay a total of $29.87 in sanitation and landfill obligation charges each month, while commercial customers would pay $82.44 each month.

Also during Monday’s meeting:

– Council voted to accept the retirement of Rodney Nutter, who has been the city’s Street Department supervisor for about 30 years, officials said.

“He’s done great service for this city,” Mayor Van Broughton said.

“We’re really going to miss him,” Operations Manager Bob Pingley said.

Nutter was not present at Monday’s meeting. In a letter, he thanked city officials and noted that, after 37 years of employment, he would now “take time to enjoy my family.”

– City Council went into executive session for about 30 minutes on the agenda item listed as “limited video lottery permit.” After coming out of the executive session, Broughton said no action was taken.

Asked about the agenda item after the meeting, Broughton said he could not make any further information public.