Horseplay gone awry

Some people hate Mondays, and now perhaps at least one horse in Barbour County does too.

The horse, named Rowdy, fell into a sticky situation Monday when he found himself stuck in a large tire on a farm in Belington. The tire apparently holds water for the livestock, and when some local residents found Rowdy stuck, they were afraid he was going to drown.

It is still unclear how the horse found himself in such a mess.

Tonya Long, one of Rowdy’s owners who was on the scene, believes that Rowdy got trapped after an altercation with some of the other horses.

Several people came to his rescue, including members of the Belington City Police and the Belington Volunteer Fire Department.

It took time to free Rowdy, but after some rest and a check-up with a veterinarian, he was said to be doing well.

Rowdy was previously rescued by his owners after being abused and starved.

“We’re glad that he’s doing OK,” Long said about Rowdy, who has become a bit of a local celebrity. “We joke that he’s the horse seen around the world.”