Local resident wins shopping spree

Rainy weather could not dampen the spirits of shopper Brittany Small on Thursday morning as she flew through the aisles of Shop ‘n Save Express of Elkins.

Small, of Elkins, was the winner of a three-minute shopping spree at the store. She netted $365.07 in free merchandise during her mad dash.

“This is so exciting,” Small said following her shopping frenzy. “The time really went quickly.”

Small won the shopping spree during the Randolph County Relay For Life June 8. The spree was the grand prize at the Elkins Shop ‘n Save Express team’s tent following a game based on the show, “The Price Is Right.”

“Small won the grand prize and won the opportunity to shop for free Thursday at our store,” said Cheri Doss of Shop ‘n Save Express. “The only rules are that she cannot purchase alcoholic beverages or medicines, and she can only choose one of each item.”

Manager Mike Scott said he was excited for the event, which was held early Thursday at the store before it opened to customers.

“We haven’t done one forever,” Scott remarked. “We wanted to do this to help support the community and Randolph County Relay For Life. “

After Small’s sweep of the store, Scott said she did a great job.

“Her total was $365.07,” Scott said. “That’s more than $120 per minute. We are so glad we could help, and glad to help sponsor the Relay Ffor Life. It is a great program.”

Scott said he hopes to be able to repeat the program next year.