Upshur Commission declines to support project

Upshur County commissioners declined to throw their support behind a proposed low-income housing project Thursday, saying they had already pledged to support a similar project.

Douglas Pauley pitched the idea of a multi-unit senior housing project to the county commission earlier this month, telling them he needed to have a letter of support from the group in order to achieve maximum points on a state review of the proposal.

Commissioners, however, said they had already thrown their support behind a similar project proposed by the WODA Group. They had also announced their support for a low-income housing project open to all qualified residents.

The letters of support are needed to enhance the project in the eyes of officials from the West Virginia Housing Department.

“Given the fact that the commission has supported two developers who will be competing for the same funding, they would like to limit the competition to hopefully allow at least one of those two to be awarded the tax credits and build within Upshur County,” a letter from County Administrator Megan Pomeroy to Bailey & Glasser LLP stated.

The letter also noted that the proposal pitched by Pauley was “very similar” to the WODA Group’s plans. The WODA Group had appeared before the county commission earlier this year to discuss plans for a multi-unit complex in Upshur County.

“Having already given support to one low-income senior facility,” the letter continued, “the commission does not believe it would be proper at this time to support a similar competing development for the same funding.”

In another matter, the commissioners approved Pomeroy’s appointment to the Upshur County Convention and Visitors Bureau board of directors.