Animal hospital to offer enhanced care

Pet owners will soon have a new place to take their furry friends who fall ill.

The Appalachian Animal Hospital is currently building a new location on Martin Street in Elkins and employees are expecting it to be open by the end of the year. The current Harrison Avenue location for the hospital yields little space for extended-hours animal care, and owners decided that a newer facility would be more appropriate for the kind of care the hospital wanted to offer.

“We’ve outgrown our current facility and we needed to enlarge, but we decided that if we were going to do it we would do it right,” said Micky Messer, the practice manager for the Appalachian Animal Hospital.

The new facility, which has been under construction since April, is estimated to cover 6,000 square feet and will be state-of-the-art, offering many new features including 24 built-in runs; new and improved surgical suites and treatment areas; four individual examination rooms; a larger waiting area to curb crowding; and a bereavement room with a built-in exit. Much of the equipment will be updated, and veterinarians there will make use of digital radiography and ultrasounds in diagnoses.

While the Martin Street location will not be a 24-hour care facility, it will harbor greater opportunities to not only train pre-vet students and interns by providing them with a better understanding of state-of-the-art equipment and veterinary methods.

“We’ve always welcomed new faces to the facility but we were limited in how many people we could take on,” Messer said. “This allows us to expand our care and provides us with efficient capabilities to monitor progress. There’s nothing like this in the area.”

The Appalachian Animal Hospital will no longer be using their current facility after the new one opens, but Messer thinks that their clientele will appreciate the improvements.

“We are doing this for them as much as for us,” she said. “We have the best clients in the world. They are patient and understanding. None of this would be possible without their support.”

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