Belington Council updated on projects

Belington Water Commissioner Don Harris updated the town’s City Council about the progress of water and sewage projects during Thursday’s Council meeting.

“They have the river crossing completed on the water project down by pump number seven,” Harris said. “This serves Good Samaritan Center and the New Era Village area.

“Additionally, they are drilling across the river for pump three, located behind Sheetz near the IGA,” he said. “That is scheduled for Monday, providing the river does not take a big rise.”

Harris said crews will be conducting smoke testing in the area, which allows workers to locate breaks in the sewage lines as well as illegal hook-ups.

“We got the materials to start doing smoke testing and are going to do this while crews are still in town,” Harris said. “We will start with one little section on Maple Avenue Monday. I would like to have permission to put an ad in the paper about this. We put door hangers on the customers doors of those who will be affected.”

Harris also updated council on the water tank project.

“Bids have been advertised for the project,” Harris said. “There will be a pre-bid meeting Aug. 5 at Belington City Hall. Bids will be opened Aug. 15 at City Hall.”

Harris requested permission for the West Virginia Rural Water Association to conduct a training in the upstairs of Belington City Hall for Class II Wastewater training Sept. 23-27.

“One of our operators, Jim Swift, is eligible to sit for the exam,” Harris said. “Having the class locally would save money for food, travel and hotel expenses. If he (Jim Swift) takes the class and pases the exam, Belington Water Department would have three class II wastewater operators, and that hasn’t happened in a long time.”

Council unanimously approved the use of City Hall for the training.

Also during Thursday’s meeting, Belington Council took the following actions:

  • Belington Chief of Police D.J. Harris introduced Tyler Harris as the newest patrolman for the city. Harris said the department’s dance for teens was a success. He also said the department received no bids for a Crown Victoria that was advertised.
  • Councilman Max Grove asked if an internal audit could be conducted, saying it is customary when a new mayor takes office. Mayor Bobby King was appointed in June.

“I think everything that goes on here should be transparent,” King said.

“Well, along those lines, let’s talk about transparency,” Grove said. “How do you feel about an internal audit?”

“I don’t have a problem with it,” King said. “Who do you propose to do the internal audit?”

“You would appoint them,” Grove said. “That’s why you get paid the big bucks.”

“What good do you think that would do?” King asked.

“We don’t know until we do it,” Grove said. Council agreed to put the issue on the next meeting’s agenda.

items for discussion. The next Belington City Council meeting is set for 7:30 p.m. Aug. 1.