Beverly man mixes new wildlife feed

It has been said the mother of invention is necessity, and that was how a new Elkins business was conceived. Double D Cornucopia was created by Darian Daniels, of Beverly, because he wanted to begin planting food plots to attract wildlife.

“When I looked at what was available on the market it had seeds of things I didn’t want,” Daniels said. “And it was too expensive.”

Planting food plots is useful for feeding and attracting wildlife, and they are grown in conjunction with other established habitats. Daniels said the plots are useful for sportsmen and for those who just enjoy watching wildlife.

Daniels said Double D Cornucopia is a mixture of innoculated seeds that are more likely to grow in the local area.

“It contains alfalfa, three different clovers, buckwheat, forage rape and barkant turnips,” Daniels said. “I did lots of research, and this formula is like meat and potatoes for deer.”

Daniels said he feels his mix is one of the best on the market today.

“This mixture keeps putting out energy for deer all year long,” said Daniels. “What sets this seed apart is that much of it is perennials and is inoculated seed. Unlike many brands on the market today, there’s no ‘filler’ seed like chicory. It’s just packed full of good protein plants.

“I can offer Double D Cornucopia it at a good price because I spent the money on the seeds, not on the packaging,” Daniels said. “I found a bagging company in Huntington that was reasonable and I went with them.”

Daniels said a 5-pound bag is enough to seed a two acre field and is available from Hunter’s Haven in Elkins. Store owner Brice Coger said he is happy to offer Double D Cornucopia.

“Pound for pound, Double D Cornucopia has the best ingredients and is the best value for the money,” Coger said. “The driving force for me to carry this product is that Darian is a West Virginia boy – he knows what grows best in the West Virginia climate and soil. He did his research and came up with a blend that is perfect for the area.”

Daniels said he has planted 3 acres for himself and it is growing well.

“There are photos of plots folks have grown with Double D Cornucopia on Facebook,” Daniels said. “I am very excited to see this business grow.”

More information about Double D Cornucopia is available at and on Facebook by searching the product name.