Faulty taps cause water leak

About 200 customers in Junior were without water from about 1-9 p.m. Wednesday, due to a faulty tap on Oak Street.

Customers were without water again early Thursday, when a second tap blew on Oak Street. Junior water and sewer supervisor Mark Shiflet estimated that about 5,000 to 6,000 gallons of water were lost during the leaks.

Shiflet said the probable cause of the problem was the worn copper that composes the taps. He said that customers would be out of water for a short time while workers repaired the second leak. Shiflet and his crew were still on the scene just after noon.

Officials from the Junior Town Hall reported that all customers on the east side of the Tygart Valley River in town were affected by the leak. Because two water tanks supply the town, customers on the west side of the river were not affected.