Litter grant to aid Elkins with cleanup

The City of Elkins will receive a new $3,000 grant from the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection as part of the Rehabilitation Environmental Action Plan (REAP) to help spruce up the city.

REAP “strives to clean up West Virginia and rid the state of unsightly litter,” according to the WVDEP official website. The grant is designed to help the city with the dumping fees after its annual spring town cleanup.

The overall project usually costs between $15,000-$18,000 every year. The grant allows the city to dispose of the spring cleanup items, and relieve the overall cost of the project.

Peggy Blosser, the operations assistant for Elkins, is also acting as project manager, grant manager and administrator for all of the grants.

“We are all very excited to get these programs going and the grants help make it possible,” she said.

Elkins currently has applications pending for an electronics recycling grant and a general recycling grant. These grants feature a detailed, five-phase program that includes education, training and advertising. The first two stages of the program are already beginning to be implemented by the city, including a waste recycling program and an electronics recycling program, If the applications are approved the grants will help implement the other three phases, including extending the recycling facilities to both a city and county location, a recycling program for businesses and residents, and the inclusion and implementation of a glass recycling facility in the area.

The education program is designed to bring public awareness to the need of, and the knowledge of how to, recycle, and the courses would target youths, teens, adults and seniors in the county.

The City of Elkins is donating time, labor and office supplies for the administration and management of the grant, as well as for the management of the project and overseeing the recycling program at city owned facilities and properties.

The Randolph County Commission is donating time, labor and office supplies to oversee the recycling program at county owned facilities and properties.

The Randolph County Solid Waste Authority will provide funding for the continuation of the collection of the recyclables. Together, all of these services, with the help of the grant money already earned and potentially more to come, will help Elkins with its ambitious project.

For more information on REAP, check out the WVDEP’s website