Log Cabin Quilters donate to center

A local group is doing its part to help ease the pain of dialysis patients.

The Elkins Dialysis Center received 10 new hand-made quilts Friday, which are used by dialysis patients to help make their treatments more comfortable.

Members of the Log Cabin Quilters Guild of Elkins have been making and donating these quilts to dialysis patients at least twice a year for more than a decade.

“We started this project years ago because a few of the guild members had connections with the dialysis center,” said Log Cabin Quilters Guild member Joan Jackson. “One of our members had daughters on dialysis and another had a husband. Lots of us have friends who have taken dialysis.”

Elkins Dialysis Center Manager Jeanine Zurbuch said the project is appreciated by the patients.

“It shows that Elkins is a close-knit community and the patients really enjoy knowing someone took the time to make these quilts for them,” Zurbuch said. “The patients are really grateful and they mean a lot to the patients. It makes them feel special.”

Zurbuch said the generosity of the Log Cabins Quilters Guild spreads to other individuals and groups.

“We had a visitor from Florida who came here for dialysis,” Zurbuch said. “The other patients told her about the quilt gifts and how they were made and donated by the guild. When she returned to the dialysis center in her hometown, she got family and community members to come together and donate quilts to dialysis patients in her area.”

The Log Cabin Quilters Guild is starting its 26th year, and currently has 50 members. Each year the guild sponsors a quilt show during the Mountain State Forest Festival.

“Last year, we had more than 1,200 people attend our show,” Jackson said. “Our meetings are at the Elkins Rehabilitation Care Center the third Thursday of each month.”

Questions about the Log Cabin Quilters’ Guild may be addressed to Jackson by calling 304-637-9543.