Man charged with grand larceny

A man was arrested this weekend for stealing a motorized shopping cart from the Walmart on the Beverly Five-lane in Elkins.

On Saturday, Randolph County Sheriff’s Deputy D.L. VanMeter responded to the store for a call that a male suspect had removed one of the store’s motorized shopping carts from the store. The caller advised that a male subject had driven the shopping cart through the parking lot to the Beverly Five-lane, according to the police report. The suspect then turned right and headed north along the highway and then onto Plantation Drive.

According to the report, once on the scene, VanMeter contacted the suspect, who was identified as Samuel Valle Beniquez, 40, based on the information on his Puerto Rican ID Card. Beniquez came out of the Dollar Tree still riding on the shopping cart. VanMeter obtained a statement from the manager at Walmart. The manager advised that a customer had called the store and said that someone was driving away from the store on one of their motorized carts. Walmart officials then contacted 911, who dispatched the call.

The cart was clearly removed from Walmart property, according to the police report.

VanMeter spoke with Lost Prevention Representative Jacob Hornick at Walmart via phone. Hornick advised Deputy VanMeter that the cart was valued at more than $1,000, the police report indicated.

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