Parsons City Council learns more about water project

Randy Watson, project manager for Thrasher Engineer, told Parsons City Council the Moore and Porterwood water line extension project is going well during Tuesday’s meeting. He did however question the type of water meters selected.

“You have requested to have radio read water meters for Fork Mountain and the Moore and Porterwood area,” Watson said. “Those have to be SR 2s, which are Sensus meters. The company that supplies everything on this job does not deal with Sensus meters, so they are getting them through C.I. Thornburg. C.I. Thornburg told them they could not provide radio reads in the past because you are in the area of the Green Bank blacked out square. So they did not believe you have the software to read the radio read meters.”

Parsons City Administrator/Treasurer Jason Myers said the equipment they recently purchased was upgraded and should be compatible. The city is working to ensure all the meters are compatable when being read by water emoployees.

“You are right,” Myers said. “There is a program to go with the radio read meters and our hand-helds (meter readers) are suppose to be compatible with that. We got a new component that goes on the meters that does not send as strong of a signal to get under the requirement because we are in the quiet zone.”

The quiet zone is a square area surrounding the Green Bank Observatory and radio signals can not be strong enought to possibly interfere with the satelite signals at the facility. Watson said the radio read meters emit a signal that is captured when workers drive by with a unit like a laptop to record the meter reading.

“They just want to make sure you know you will need compatible software to read the meters that are being installed on this project at Fork Mountain, Moore and Porterwood,” Watson said.

Myers said he would contact C.I. Thornburg to work out the logistics of the meters.

Council members voted to pay the first payment on the water project for $214,702.29. When completed, the project will provide water to approximately 50 new customers. The total for the project is approximately $1.5 million.

In other council business:

  • Councilman Timothy Auvil reported the new Parsons Skatepark was dedicated June 21.

“The kids came up with a name for the skatepark,” Auvil said. “We had a great success over there during the opening. It was a blast.”

Auvil said the kids were the ones that came up with the event and activities.

“I am really, really proud of those kids,” Auvil said. “They decided that no one could win more than one large prize. Kent Daniels won one prize and he won another event. Some of the kids said he won another and he took his prize and gave it to Breanna Carr, who is 11-years-old. She was so excited.

“That’s how those kids are,” Auvil said. “They have taken the little ones under their wings and taught them to skate, and showed them the safety end of it. I am real proud of them. They keep the place clean and are coming up with ways to add to the park.”

Auvil said they combined two suggested names to come up with the name for the park – Good Vibes Skate Haven.

  • Myers also made additional comments during the meeting about opening with a prayer.

“We are proud to say a prayer at the beginning of our meetings,” Myers said. “As long I am here, we will all begin with prayer.”

The next regular Parsons City Council meeting is slated for 6 p.m. July 23 at the Tucker County Magistrate Courtroom in the Charles W. “Bill” Rosenau Municipal Building.