Pool closed temporarily following rescue

Officials closed the Philippi City Pool Thursday, a day after a boy nearly drowned at the facility.

“I think the (lifeguards) at the pool did a good job and did what they were supposed to do,” Philippi City Manager Karen Weaver said Thursday. “Obviously, we are more than pleased that it was a rescue.”

Following the incident, at about 2 p.m. Wednesday, the boy was sent to Broaddus Hospital’s heli-pad and was flown by HealthNet to Ruby Memorial Hospital as a precaution, according to a representative of the Barbour County Emergency Squad.

The pool was closed Thursday, with the exception of private events that already had been booked.

“I gave my lifeguards the afternoon off to talk and collect their thoughts,” Wendy Moats, the manager of the Philippi City Pool, said, adding that many of the lifeguards were friends.

The lifeguards will resume their duties as usual today.

“We’ll be open,” Weaver said. “We just kind of decided to give them a little break.”