Randolph Board to buy computers

The Randolph County Board of Education approved the purchase of many state-of-the-art technological tools for students during Monday’s meeting.

Laptop computers for all 2013-2014 junior class members, as well as the purchase of both iPad/MacBook Pro computer labs and mobile stationary computer labs for the 2013-14 school year, were approved by the board unanimously, totalling more than $500,000 worth of technology.

The purchases will be funded in part by money from the 2010 excess levy and from a 21st Century Technology grant.

Jonathan Paine, the director of technology for Randolph County Schools, said that some of the computers that are already in use will be re-used and many will be kept to harvest spare parts to refurbish or repair any broken machines in the future.

“I think that these would be a good asset to all of the students who will have the opportunity to use the new machines,” Paine said of the purchase.

Other big additions that received board approval Monday were a $18,000 bid from United Sound & Electronics to install a new sound system in the Elkins High School Auditorium, and a $26,000 bid from A.S.A.P to replace the fire alarm system at Midland Elementary School.

The board also approved the selection of Tetrick and Bartlett, PLLC, as the audit firm for Randolph County Schools for the 2013-14 school year.

Summer construction projects such as installation of new bathroom stalls, gathering estimates for bleachers for a soccer field and a re-lighting project for outdoor recreational facilities in the county were among the topics of discussion.

The debate over whether or not a healthcare provider will be contracted to administer clinics for faculty, staff and students on site in five schools in the area was continued to the next BOE meeting. Community Care of West Virginia and Valley Health Clinic are the agencies interested in opening up the clinics.

Board members in attendance Monday were Bruce Haddix, Lisa Wamsley, Ed Tyre, Harvey Taylor. Absent was David Kesling.

The Board of Education will hold a special meeting on July 24 at a starting time that will be announced later. The BOE is also gearing up for its annual retreat at the Randolph Technical Center on Aug. 2-3.

The next regular meeting will be held Aug. 5 at 6 p.m. at the Central Board Office in Elkins.

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