Residents share speeding concerns

Parsons City Council addressed residents concerns with speeding vehicles and dangerous intersections within the city during their regular meeting Tuesday night. Residents Preston Simmons and Frank Stone spoke with council about ideas to help solve the problems.

“My concern is they are going to put in a four-way stop at Main and 4th streets, and that is not going to solve the problem,” Simmons said. “They don’t stop at the stop signs that are there. Why do we think they (motorists) will stop at a four-way stop? That, to me, is just ridiculous.”

Councilwoman Melissa Jones agreed.

“It’s just an accident waiting to happen,” Jones said. “Because it is going to be hard to put in a four-way stop.”

Simmons said another problem with the intersection is an old crab apple tree that obstructs the stop sign.

“I know it’s there, but drivers come off of U.S. Route 72 and they don’t even stop,” Simmons said. “I understand Mr. (Parsons Chief of Police Jonathan) Jones can’t be there all the time.”

Simmons said Jones patrols for vehicles not stopping and traveling too fast, but speeders only seem to go through the intersection when Jones is not there.

Council members voted to remove the crab apple tree, place speed bumps on 5th Street and move signs to help deter motorists from speeding and failing to stop at the 5th and Main streets intersection.

Another intersections in Parsons also has residents concerned for safety. Council members voted to establish Poplar Street as a safety corridor and change the intersection of Poplar and Mill streets to an all-way stop. The speed limit will also change to 15 miles per hour.

Jones was instructed to write press releases for the newspaper to let people know about the change in traffic patterns on the streets.

– In other business, council members received an update from the Parsons Park Board. Members learned the new skate park has been named Good Vibes Skate Haven, a combination of names submitted by Kent Daniels and Leslie Nestor. Security cameras were installed at River City Park and lights have been installed at the Wellness Center.

Parsons City Administrator and Treasurer Jason Myers said the park board still is moving forward to develop a splash park. Council members looked through photos from other areas to see the differences in pricing.

The next Parsons City Council meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Aug. 6 at the Charles W. “Bill” Rosenau Municipal Building.