BOE discussing funds for high school

Buckhannon-Upshur High School athletic director Randall Roy said he would like to purchase new scoreboards for both the soccer and football fields, even if it means he has to give up a scoreboard with a video screen for the football field because of a financial shortfall.

He proposed the purchase of the two scoreboards from Daktronics to the Upshur County Board of Education Tuesday. The school board tabled the proposal to wait for input from two members, Teresa Bellamy and Alan Suder, who were unable to attend the meeting.

Roy said the proposed soccer scoreboard would cost about $23,000, and a new football scoreboard would cost about $40,000 if the bid from Daktronics was approved. The football scoreboard price does not include a video screen.

Even though Roy recommended the approval of the two scoreboards, he has not given up on the scoreboard with the video screen. He said the Buckhannon-Upshur football boosters would try to raise funds to provide the $60,000 difference in price for the scoreboard with the video screen. The total cost for that scoreboard is $102,000.

“They’re going to have to raise that money quickly,” Superintendent Roy Wager said.

Roy said the video screen scoreboard would allow Upshur County schools to sell advertising. He said he has spoken with some businesses that would be interested. He said the cost of the scoreboards could be paid back quicker with the money earned through the advertising.

Board member Patrick Long asked Roy if the soccer team would be happy with a smaller scoreboard than what he is aiming to fund for the football field.

“To me, it’s important to treat everybody fairly,” Long said.

Roy said the soccer team is happy with the less expensive scoreboard.

“I know that the community knows the need,” Long said. “We live in a great place where our schools and athletic programs are supported.”

Long said he agrees that the football stadium and the soccer field both need new scoreboards. He said the current scoreboards are “embarrassing.”

“Clearly that scoreboard is pathetic,” Long said. “I think it’s important. It doesn’t mean I still don’t want handicap accessibility.”

The school board also tabled the decision on when to run a new levy because of the absence of two members. Wager recommended that the board consider running the levy on Jan. 18, 2014. He said it would give the school board more time to prepare.

Long said he wanted feedback from the public regarding whether if it believes the Board of Education should run another levy. He said he also wanted to table the decision to allow more time for the public to respond.

“They’re expecting a levy, and I think people are ready,” member Greenbrier Almond said.

The levy date and discussion will be placed on the next meeting agenda.

The school board also approved the resignation of David Dilly as assistant superintendent of Upshur County schools, effective Aug. 9. Dilly said he was offered the chance to be the superintendent of the Braxton County school system.

“I’ve had a very positive experience here,” Dilly said. “I’ve had a great time.”

Other resignations approved included Sarah Kesling, the assistant softball coach at Buckhannon-Upshur High School, effective July 30; Angela Wratchford as Title I teacher at Rock Cave Elementary school, effective July 29; and Brenice Tharp, a temporary summer painter and maintenance worker, effective July 24.