EMS welcomes new students

Attending a new school brings a wide spectrum of feelings for students – ranging from excitement and fear of the unknown to outright anxiety. To help put these emotions at ease, an open house was offered at Elkins Middle School Tuesday.

New students, incoming sixth-graders and parents were welcomed to the open house, giving the children and their loved ones the opportunity to become accustomed to the facility and meet the faculty.

Members of the Elkins Middle School Hi-Y club walked groups of new students and parents through the school, showing them where their classrooms, the lunchroom, the office and other important spots are located. The younger students looked to the Hi-Y members, veterans of the Elkins Middle School, for other advice to make their transition easier.

Katlin Robinson came to the open house with her mother, Jodie.

“I am excited to start the middle school,” Katlin said. “But I am also a little nervous.”

Principal Rich Carr said he and his staff welcome the return of students.

“We are looking forward to the new sixth-grade class as well as the veteran seventh- and eighth-graders returning,” Carr said. “The teachers have worked hard and trained for the Next Generation Standards curriculum this year. It will be a new and exciting way of delivering the information to students and will help with learning by providing more hands-on learning experience.”

Carr said the school has six new teachers this year as well as a new guidance counselor.

“This open house gives both new students and their parents the opportunity to visit the school and ease some of the apprehensions they may have,” he said. “They can get familiar with the layout of the school, where their classes will be, and gives both the parents and students the opportunity to meet some of the instructors. Students also get to meet some of the older students and friends from other schools.”

Carr said he is pleased with the school’s appearance.

“Our custodians have worked hard over the summer,” Carr said. “I am proud of our facility and looking forward to a wonderful year for our students, faculty and staff.”

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