Junior Town Council searching for police chief

The town of Junior is still without a police chief, but Junior Town Council members already have a man in mind for the job.

Council members said Monday they will consider offering the part-time job to Ricky Hymes, a former deputy. They have been unable to contact Hymes to offer him the position. Junior Mayor Gary Miller said he would try to contact Hymes to see if he is interested.

“We need to do something,” Councilman Andy Marco said. “Everybody knows we don’t have a cop in this town.”

If Hymes is not interested in the position, Junior Town Council members will consider advertising the position. The job has not been advertised to potential applicants yet.

“I think Ricky will do just fine,” Marco said.

The chief of police position is the only law enforcement position under the jurisdiction of Junior Town Council. Miller said the town was not experiencing a crime problem in the absence of a police officer. He did say, however, that there have been complaints about four-wheelers.

Miller said the former police chief, Jody Haller, resigned July 27 without providing a reason for his departure. Haller has not returned telephone calls seeking comment. Haller also is a former mayor of Belington, but he stepped down from that post in May.