New assistant superintendent in transition

Jack Reger, a former principal at Buckhannon-Upshur Middle School, began Aug. 13 as the new assistant superintendent of Upshur County schools, following the resignation of David Dilly.

Dilly resigned in early August to accept a position as the superintendent of Braxton County Schools. Reger most recently worked for the Barbour County Board of Education as the Title I director and the pre-kindergarten through fifth-grade curriculum instructor.

“The job has been very busy with the beginning of the new school year,” Reger said, adding that he was still helping the Barbour County school board get things finalized. “There is lots to do with transitioning from Barbour County to Upshur County. It’s been very busy, but at the same time, very rewarding.”

Reger said he had some goals in his new role as assistant superintendent.

“My first goal is to support the superintendent and the board with the goals that they establish,” Reger said. “I think that’s essential.”

Reger said one of his key responsibilities is with personnel.

“The desire is to have all employees highly qualified,” Reger said “We want to hire the best and the brightest for our students.”

Reger said that it will be a challenging goal, but the idea is to have 100 percent of the employees of Upshur County schools be highly qualified.

“We want to see school improvement activities and to improve student achievement,” Reger said, adding that he will also work toward “maintaining and improving the partnership between the school and the community. The folks of Upshur County support education.”

Reger is an Upshur County native who now lives in Barbour County, but the traveling distance to his new office is about the same as to his old one. He said he will consider moving back to Upshur County, but has not made a decision to do that yet.

“It’s a great place to live and a great place to go to school,” Reger said about Upshur County.

Reger said he applied for the position because he believed it was time to advance his professional career.