Youths turn sweet drinks into donation for local charity

Two local girls learning how to run a business took their venture a step further – they donated their profits to a charity.

Sisters Kaleigh and Kiley Edwards took advantage of the hot July weather to set up and run a lemonade and iced tea stand in downtown Elkins near Hopscotch.

“It was 90 degrees outside that day and we decided to sell drinks,” said 10-year-old Kaleigh. “Our nanny, Kelly, helped us set up our stand and helped make the drinks to sell.”

Kaleigh said they ran their stand, selling drinks for about three hours, and then she and her sister, Kiley, age 8, talked about what they would do with their earnings.

“We decided that we have enough money,” Kaleigh said. “We decided we should give the money to someone to help people who don’t have enough money. We decided to give the money to Catholic Charities because they help others.”

Teresa Wymer, case manager/outreach coordinator for Catholic Charities W.Va. Weston Region, said she was very impressed with the Edwards girls’ generosity.

“It shows others that you are never too young to care for others,” Wymer said. “It is an inspiration to see kids this age thinking of others rather than just thinking of themselves.”

Wymer said the girls stopped in with the money in a plastic sack.

“They raised more than $51 with their warm day business venture,” Wymer said. “They worked hard and shared their reward with others in need. We are grateful for their generosity.”

The girls attend Midland Elementary School and both say they enjoy helping others.

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