Corridor H paving behind schedule

The Corridor H repaving project was not finished on schedule this summer but officials say they hope to have it completed before winter weather arrives.

Part of the pavement preservation and concrete restoration project – which spans from Randolph County through Barbour and Upshur counties and into Lewis County – was originally scheduled to be wrapped up by mid-August.

This week, Mike Moran, district engineer for the state Department of Transportation, said the latest possible date for completion of the roadwork is Nov. 1. Moran said at least one lane will be finished by Oct 1.

Part of the reason for the delay is that the condition of the concrete was considerably worse than originally anticipated and was in need of patching, which set work back, he said.

“If weather permits we may be able to see it completed by the middle of October,” Moran said. “We are trying to finish it up as efficiently as possible.”

Weather is a concern as winter approaches, particularly with exposed metal in some areas of the road and entire blocks of concrete still not filled in others.

Moran says that if the weather proves to be uncooperative early in the season the project will have to be shut down.

“Regardless, we are planning to have them (the roadwork crews) off the road before bad weather hits,” Moran said.

The Upshur County roadwork is near completion within the lanes on the highway, but there is still work to be done on the shoulder portion of the road. Long sections of Corridor H in Barbour and Randolph counties are still in a partially completed state.

Regardless of weather or deadlines, state officials advise that safety is the number one priority.

“We want to let everyone know that their cooperation is appreciated,” said Travis Ray of the state Division of Highways office in Elkins. “We ask that people slow down and be patient for their own safety and the safety of the workers involved.”

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