Upshur County Commission

A group of Tennerton residents presented photographic evidence Thursday at an Upshur County Commission meeting alleging that a dog, which is supposed to be contained to its owner’s property, is still running amok and bothering the neighborhood.

Animal control officer Mike Miller said he and the dog’s owner had agreed in April that the dog must be contained on the owner’s property or by a leash controlled by the owner or another capable person.

“I have received calls from residents that basically came right after our (April) meeting that he is continuing to let the dog run free,” Miller said.

Miller said he told the neighbors that he needs video or photographic proof that the dog is running loose, adding he does not want the issue to become a “he said/she said” battle.

“(The dog’s owner) claims they don’t like him,” Miller said, “that they want him out of there.”

Residents of the Tennerton neighborhood said they have stepped outside of their homes, only to find the dog, a year-old Doberman, relieving itself in their yards. Miller said he has no jurisdiction in those matters, noting it would have to be handled in a civil court setting.

“My main objective is in keeping the dog secure on their property so that it doesn’t hurt or scare somebody,” Miller said.

Some of the residents hesitated in handing over the photographs to the county, saying they feared reprisals from the dog’s owner. County Commissioner Buddy Brady said without the evidence, “our hands are pretty much tied.

“To have any case,” he said, “you have to be willing to stand up. Talking to him hasn’t worked. The only way to stop a problem is to get involved.”