B&E bender leads to arrest

ELKINS – A Randolph County woman was arrested on burglary charges Tuesday after allegedly being found by police officers barricaded in her neighbor’s bedroom.

Dana Lynn Deffebach-Jameson, 52, of Monterville was arrested for burglary after Randolph County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call at approximately 5:23 a.m. regarding a breaking and entering at Elkwater Fork Road on Route 58, according to the criminal complaint.

On scene, the officers met a male subject who, according to the compliant, told officers he woke up around 4:30 a.m. to find Jameson, his wife, missing.

The man, in search of his wife, went to their neighbor’s residence, where he found that “his wife had busted out the rear kitchen window, had climbed through the window” and was located upstairs in bed, according to the complaint.

After Jameson was led by her husband out of the residence, they had a confrontation due to Jameson “being intoxicated from alcohol that she stole and consumed from the (neighbor’s) refrigerator,” the complaint states.

Jameson then allegedly ran away and re-entered the neighbor’s residence through the same window. The husband located her on the kitchen floor and went to call 911, according to the complaint.

When he returned to the residence, Jameson’s husband found her in the downstairs bedroom, where she had placed a dresser against the door so no one could enter, police said.

The officers found Jameson in the bedroom, covered up, with “several empty alcohol cans beside the bed.” Officers could smell alcohol on her breath and “located (her) pants in the upstairs bedroom,” according to the complaint.

Jameson was arraigned by Magistrate George Riggleman, who set a $10,000 cash bond.

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