Delmonte market set to provide new opportunity

ELKINS – The Randolph County Housing Authority is continuing its work to restore the historic Delmonte Hotel. The restoration work has been ongoing since August of 2009 and the next step is prepare the first floor to house a market that will be available to local


“I have been working with Elkins ON TRAC and think this will help the downtwon develop, along with things like the train,” AmeriCorps volunteer Dustin Smith said.

The market, which will house 10 booths for local businessess, is set to begin operation on Nov.7 and run through Dec. 15, providing a new location for businesses and consumers for the holiday season.

“This will help bring people across the street (from the railyard) and to explore downtown Elkins,” RCHA Executive Director Karen Jacobson said.

The market will be open from 4:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesdays through Sundays. Each vendor will pay a flat rate for their booth, and will stock the booth. The market will be fully staffed and store owners are only responsible for providing wares for the booth.

Smith and other AmeriCorps volunteers will manage all financial transactions in the market and booth owners will receive a check for 100 percent of their items sold.

“Most of the booths will be local artisans, people with locally made goods,” Smith said.

Smith and the RCHA hope to work out all the kinks during this initial period and to be able to expand the market next year. They are also open for suggestions or recommendations from the community for the marketplace.

If interested in a booth or have any questions or comments, contact Dustin Smith at 304-636-6495 extension 32, or by sending an email to