Eggs and Issues teaches how to build relationships

One of the key goals of any business today is to build a brand – an identity to put their company in the forefront of everyone’s mind so they automatically are the choice of consumers.

Brian J. Moore, an attorney specializing in labor and development law with Dinsmore and Shohl LLP, in Charleston, reminded those attending Wednesday’s Elkins-Randolph County Chamber of Commerce Eggs and Issues meeting that employees also need to brand themselves for success.

“We all have to network and build relationships,” Moore said. “In today’s world, relationships are everything. It’s how we get things done, it’s how we get new clients and how we accomplish things. It is the best way to expand our business and become successful.”

Moore asked attendees to consider where referrals come from.

“Who are you going to send work to?” Moore questioned. “Will you make referrals to a friend, or to someone who is listed in a publication that says ‘I am great?’ Nine times out of 10, you will try out your friends first.”

Moore said people can sit in their office behind closed doors doing the best work anyone has ever seen, but no one knows about it.

“But what you need to do is go out and meet people and develop relationships,” Moore said. “Relationships are the key to everything. No one knows what you know until you get to meet and get to know them. Every time you meet or speak with another person, you are basically networking.”

Coworkers are a much overlooked networking opportunity.

“They can be an important networking resource for you in the future,” Moore said. “It can be internal, or maybe they will leave and go someplace else and send clients to you in the future. But don’t overlook the importance of internal networking and being the ‘go-to’ person at work.

“If you invest in yourself and make yourself the person coworkers and your boss come to and look to, you will never have trouble rounding up business in the future.”

Moore said people need to work on their listening skills.

“We all know how important it is to listen,” Moore said. “We need to be empathetic listeners and try to understand what it is they are saying and their perspective of the issue.”

He said six habits of likeable people are that they do not brag, they use the power of touch, they talk about you, they show vulnerability, they ask for nothing and they are genuine.

“Relationship building is something we can all practice our entire lives,” Moore said. “We can always get better at it and there is always something new to learn.”